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Access to work funding

If you are a resident of the UK, you may be eligible for a grant to help you get or stay in work, if you have a physical or mental health condition or disability. 

This grant can be used to fund Daniel KR coaching. I am happy to help you apply for this funding. Just get in touch.  For more information and eligibility, click here:

ADHD Resources

For ADHD resources I have found useful, click here:

Stress and anxiety resources

For these resources, watch this space. 

I will be creating specific resources including courses and helpful videos. I have found the current online provision is overwhelming, and so... inconsistent- and I want to change that. But to be properly researched and clearly presented, to be truly effective, that takes time, and can't be rushed. So for now, you'll need to come for coaching to get the very best of my resources! 

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