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You are not broken, you are not weak. 

Why me, why now?

We have all just lived through the Covid 19 pandemic. It doesn't matter how well insulated you were, it had a direct impact on your life. 

This has left all of us more careful, more anxious, more stressed. 

It is a sign of being human. It is a natural response to a huge event.

But the effects are very real, and it is up to us to take action to move on from it. 

In anxiety coaching, we look our reactions in a different way.

It is important to recognise, that there is no such thing as an over-reaction. It just might not be a reaction to something happening now. 

Anxiety coaching

In anxiety coaching we might look at:

  • Breathing and reflexes - how to really reset 

  • Changing negative thinking

  • Using anxiety energy for genius, not suffering

  • Planning and active anxiety management

  • The power of letting go - and how to do it

  • Priming for a future you want

  • The Vagus nerve, and how to use it

  • Mindfulness and grounding

  • Using movement to build bravery

  • How to change your 'story'

We will learn how to build back confidence, and actively take back your moments of power. Working only with what works for you. 

So you can begin to feel like 'you' again. And win back the time your anxiety takes from you, the decisions that never got made, the plans that are avoided. And start to grow, to take your rightful place in the world, with absolute confidence. 

This isn't a quick fix, or high fives and 'go get 'em!', this is science based growth and mindset change, to build a solid, lasting foundation for your life. 


I give regular workshops to businesses and universities on anxiety and related topics. Available now - 'Performance Anxiety and Peak performance', how to get the best out of yourself in those moments when it really matters! 

For more information on workshops, see the corporate page.

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