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Online counselling


Why coaching?

Who has coaches? 
Top athletes, Movie stars, celebrities, they all have coaches.
And in business, we think of top execs and millionaires as having coaches. But the question to ask is, did they have them before or after their success? 
Of course, they had them all along! 

We are not made to walk alone

I like to think of coaching as 'someone to think with'. 

We set some goals, and chart the best way to get there. And take time to recognise anything that comes up as resistance, or thoughts that get in the way, and find healthy ways to move beyond them. 

This might include shifting mindset, or perception - easier said than done, which is why you need an expert guide. 

I am trained in many different methods, and have certificates in CBT, NLP, mindset, confidence, and Master coach series life coaching. I also have specific coaching training for ADHD and Mental health. 

So you know you are in safe hands. 


All my coaching methods are based in solid science. And I will always explain the science! This is a 'woo-woo' free zone. 

So get in touch now, to arrange your free 30 minute intake call, to find out what coaching could do for you. These calls, like all coaching, are confidential, and an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the coaching process, or about me.

I look forward to your message...

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