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Access to Work

'Access to work' is a UK government scheme open to all residents of the UK, regardless of income or status. It will provide you with a grant for healthcare services, including coaching. It is designed to help you if you have a physical of mental health condition or disability, to get or stay in work. This includes ADHD, Anxiety, depression and stress. 

Coaching with Daniel KR can be funded through this scheme, partially or fully. 

I can help you with the application, and give you the best chance of receiving funding once you have applied. Funding will usually be given for a 'course' of treatment, (e.g. for ADHD we apply for 9 sessions, over 3 months) but can be renewed at the end of this period as necessary. 


We can fill out the form together, it takes just 5 minutes. 

They will then call you in about 10-14 weeks. (a long wait, I know!) 

We can make sure you are ready to give them the all the important information they need, to give you the right level of support. 

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You can find the official government website (and application portal) here:


To read specifically about eligibility, click here:


On this page you can read that this scheme specifically covers Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and Anxiety and Depression. 

Here to help

Forms and applications can be scary, but remember,

I am here to help. 

You don't need to do this all alone. 

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