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ADHD coaching

You are unique! Especially if you have ADHD

If you have ADHD, or think you might have it, welcome to my tribe! 

I have ADHD! And I have been on that journey to find out how to manage it, and even... make it the reason for my success. 

...I know! 

You're in very good company- ADHD folks include Richard Branson, Emma Watson, Simone Biles, Bill Gates, Justin Timberlake, John F Kennedy, Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein!! 

What can ADHD coaching do? 

For starters, it's a place to be heard and understood. I have ADHD. I get it

We cannot change what IS. But if we can accept it, we can work with it, and learn how to use it

I NEED you to hear this

ADHD is not a deficiency of willpower.

Succeeding with ADHD is not simply a case of trying harder, and no amount of willpower alone will be enough to succeed with ADHD!

We need support. We need to know what works for OUR brain. We need understanding. 

But with the right things in place, imagine what you could do with all that energy and focus? All those ideas you have in the shower, or on a walk? Imagine if you could follow them through?? 

Does this sound like you?

  • You know you need to do the thing. 

  • You even know how to do the thing.  

  • But you just can't get it together enough to just START the thing?! 

Welcome to the ADHD struggle. You are not alone. 

ADHD people don't just think outside of the box, they never construct a box in the first place! It makes us masters at problem solving, often huge problems. We are innovators and entrepreneurs! 

But... the small stuff gets us. Small tasks, low dopamine tasks, making the small steps... 


We have huge empathy, and can understand other people even at a first meeting. 

But... we can be very sensitive. And rejection can be a huge deal for us. 


We can hyper-focus.

But... not always focus. 


We can have plans to change the world! 

But... not be able to leave the couch. (ADHD paralysis) 


We can have huge amounts of energy!

but... the next day not be able to get out of bed. 

We are an enigma! No wonder it's so hard managing ADHD. 

But we CAN manage ADHD. 

Most ADHD symptoms are present for other people too, and a lot of the help offered in coaching would be good for them too! The difference is- we NEED to take those steps. To create the structures, and stick to them. 


That's ADHD coaching - working out how your brain works. Finding your strengths, and building around them. Then finding supports to help fill in the rest. So we can make the most of the immense talents we have, instead of wasting energy fighting, struggling and pretending to be something we are not.  

What can I help with? 

  • Adults with ADHD 

  • Motivation

  • ADHD paralysis

  • The wall of awful (anxiety and task paralysis) 

  • creating routines to maximise your days

  • creating structures to make you more effective

  • Finding resources to help you when you need them

  • Explaining the brain and how it's working

  • ADHD physical considerations and exercise

  • Emotional wellbeing 

  • Mindset and growth

What I have less expertise with:

  • Young children with ADHD - there are more skilled coaches than me for this. I am happy to help refer you if necessary. 

What I can't help with:

  • Medical advice 

  • Supplement advice 

  • Medications

  • Diagnosis

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