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Corporate connections

Daniel KR is in demand for his award winning workshops and Courses, designed for businesses and universities. 

As an award winning (Arts and Business) workshop leader, I have designed and led workshops for various business sectors, on a range of topics, from Leadership, communication, performance anxiety and peak performance, confidence to creativity.

Explore the page, then get in touch to book your consultation, for a current workshop, or to explore a bespoke workshop, tailored to your needs. 

Recent examples:

'Company A' (London) were returning to the office after WFH during the Covid pandemic. They faced issues of anxiety and productivity at being some of the first in the city to return. We designed a workshop with practical, physical solutions, and body awareness tools to manage stress and anxiety. We combined this with breathing exercises to change the way the body responds to stress, increasing wellbeing, health and ultimately productivity. All wrapped up in a fun workshop about the body and voice. 

'Company B' (Sydney) were a new team, in a fast-developing company, looking to define their roles within the group. We developed a workshop around leadership and empowerment, with leadership and communication challenges, to help identify those with strong leadership potential by giving them the platform to shine. 

'Company C' (UK, National) were a company in transition, with multiple issues. We designed workshops around communication for sample groups from within different parts of the business, to work together to create a music video, based around the noises of their every day jobs. This created an open and frank environment to discuss daily challenges, and solutions that could be found. 

Current workshops 23/24

  • Presentation skills for professionals 

Persuasive voice use, ​body language, confidence and feeling good 

  • Anxiety management for peak performance​

How to think like an olympic athlete - ​to use the energy when you need it

  • Workplace stress management (NEW!)

​Practical skills to build into the day, for better performance and to be able to turn off ​at the end of the day

  • Break through your financial blocks (NEW!)

Get over the 'wall of awful' and get on - How to find time, energy and motivation to get control of your finances and other personal admin that seems daunting, and often gets put off. Special reference to ND brains, particularly ​ADHD. 

  • Leadership

Using musical structures to examine hierarchy and effective communication , with musical games to open discussion

  • Creativity

According to LinkedIn, this is the most in demand 'soft' skill in business, and the second most in-demand skill in the world (behind cloud-computing, according to the Lindedin economic graph). As more and more tasks become automated, the ability to create new ideas, to spot new opportunities in rapidly changing markets, and how to take advantage of them before the competition is invaluable. But in business we sacrifice creativity, in favour of linear, efficient thinking. We can be highly creative, but that can all get shut down around work. So we need to practice our creative, problem-solving skills, and connect that to our workflow in order for it to be effective. 

  • Courage and team bonding through singing

Genuinely fun for everyone.​ Singing in front of your workmates sounds terrifying. This workshop teaches you how to conquer that fear. And if you develop your courage to conquer that - what other 'impossible' challenge could you take on today? (optional add-on, make an office music video)

Vet partnerships


Working with Helen Allwood, Veterinary Surgeon Team Leader at PDSA, Neurodiversity champion, and mum of 3, we are creating courses designed specifically for busy vets working in practice. These courses are designed to make wellbeing for vets part of the workplace culture. Part of the routine. Prioritising vets' mental health now and for future generations. 

In 2023 we founded 'The Vet project', as a way to influence policy and create change that prioritises mental health for vets. We have created an 8 hour (CPD) course in 4 modules to create your own stress toolbox for the workplace. More info and course details can be found at 

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