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My story...

I began my career as a performer. An opera singer. I was lucky enough to sing main roles on some of the biggest stages in the world. Across the UK, Italy and Spain, from the Bolshoi in Moscow, to some of the great theatres in Germany. It was a wonderful career. But it was exhausting. Performing took a lot out of me. At the time, I just put it down to 'giving my all'. 

But I often felt like there was something holding me back. A dread feeling, that I ignored as I pushed through the anxiety. Surviving on sweets and coffee as I lived in 'stress' mode'. 

Then came the crash. After a break up, I lost my voice. There was nothing wrong with it, but my mind had decided it couldn't sing anymore. And I fell hard. Into deep depression. 

But I was lucky to have some good support, and so the recovery started. 

I went to therapy, some good, some bad. And tried to do everything I could to get better. But- there was so little help out there! I couldn't find anything I could actually 'do'!

So instead, I started to learn. Learn everything I could about the brain, about what was going on, about anxiety, about trauma, about the processes that cause reactions in the mind. And I started using that knowledge to help other singers. My voice came back, and I was sounding good - and I went back to opera!

Then The Pandemic happened. 

But this was a perfect time for me to continue learning. I started making workshops to help bigger groups of people. I've been teaching singing for 20 years, so the coaching started to become part of that. 

And in the course of all my learning, I realised I had ADHD. So- I engaged my hyper-focus and learned about that too! About how brains can be so different. About how we are all different. This is the key pillar to my coaching- the idea that everyone is different, and to make progress, we have to work WITH that. Fast forward a couple of years, and I finally have my diagnosis and treatment - in my 40's, and life is so different. And I'm loving it. 

I have found my purpose- it is helping other people. Once I made the decision to be a coach, I armed myself with as much coaching ammunition as possible, because we will all respond differently to coaching methods, and I want to be able to find the one that is your rocket fuel, to accelerate your life!


My Background 


  • I am a registered Mental Health First-Aider, Mental Health England

  • I have a BA (hons) and a Masters degree (Hons)

  • Certified NLP practitioner, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology 

  • Certified Life Coach (Master coach series) Transformation Academy

  • Certified Confidence Coach (Master Coach series) Transformation Academy

  • Certified CBT Life Coach (Master Coach series) Transformation Academy

  • MAY 2023: Hypnotherapy Course Certificate, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology (NB: I will not choose to be 'certified' as a practitioner and will not use therapeutic 'hypnotherapy' in sessions. However, the principles of visualisation and conscious programming are valuable tools that may feature- it is very common in sport. 

  • JUNE 2023: Simply ADHD coach, ADDCA







Peak performance

Growth and Change

Who I Help

Anybody who wants to change.

Anyone who feels stuck.

Anyone who wants to maximise their potential.

Anyone who feels Stress, anxiety or ADHD is holding them back.

Anyone who wants to fast forward their success.

High performers from all walks of life.

How I Do It

Every client is different- I use combinations of physical, mental and logical tools, breath-work, mindset work, visualisation, structure and planning, finding the combination that you respond to best, so you can make the fastest, most lasting progress. 

We find active steps - things you can 'do' to help you take your control, and reach your goals.

Who have you worked with?

I have been lucky enough to work with celebrities, singers, executives, people at all stages of their life, even a race car driver. But I would never speak about them publicly- confidentiality is a vital part of what we do. 

I also work with several businesses, universities and industries to train, educate help improve working lives. You can find out more about this on the corporate page.

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