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Lets break some myths about Stress!

Let's break some myths - 'Stressed' does not mean successful. 'Stressed' is not a badge of honour. 'Stressed' is not a measure of how hard you're working, or how much you care.

Stress is a short term tool. And a warning sign. Stress is what we get when anxiety bubbles under the surface for too long. We 'manage' it. We 'mask' it. And we get used to it. So much so, that we don't even notice it's going on. We get stuck in the 'habit of stress'. And sometimes, we are so used to it that when we aren't stressed, we create the feeling of it, because our brain thinks that is the only way to be- we have 3 espressos to be able to 'get on', we scream at the traffic, even when we're on time. We get frantic over the to-do list, even when it's manageable. And sometimes, it works- sometimes a little bit of stress gets stuff done.

But, there's a cost- over time, we can't turn off at night, so we start unhealthy coping behaviours just to be able to sleep . In 'stress mode' we lose connection and empathy with others, which affects our relationships. We stop listening to warning signs from our body. We crave sugar to feed the stress, so are more likely to eat badly and put on weight. We get exhausted.

Eventually, mind or body will reach a crisis point, and we'll get burnout. The crash. Motivation by stress is all stick and no carrot, so it feeds thoughts of unworthyness, of failure, of 'not enough'. Stress doesn't feel good.

So let's work to change that. To find new methods of motivation, that leave you energised and crucially, MORE efficient and MORE capable. Let's learn to spot our warning signs, and manage our stress to think more clearly, decide more quickly and to be able to handle any situation.

By taking active steps to take responsibility for our life, we can start to take back our control, build confidence, and finally start to feel... free!

Imagine how much time and energy you could have back if you weren't burdened by stress.

What could you do with it?

You've been dragging that baggage for too long. Isn't it time you put it down?

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